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* Please note that all the works I sell are originals, done by hand on real leather. I do not sell prints of my work.

About me:

Hendrik Vrey Holding His Artwork

I was born on a farm in Niekerkshoop in South Africa on the 11th of September 1951. My father was a bore-man and a hunter and our family of eight lived a nomadic lifestyle for many years, travelling from farm to farm and living in a tent.

From a young age I found myself drawn to the stark and beautiful nature surrounding me. As a small boy I would often spend whole days alone in the bush playing with small and sometimes even poisonous and dangerous animals that I would find there. I think that this was where my love of the African bush was born. When I was old enough to go to school, we settled in Walvis Bay, in what is now Namibia. In those days...

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My Artform: Pyrography

Hendrik Vrey At Work

Pyrography ("pyro" means FIRE in ancient Greek) is done by burning pictures or designs onto wood or leather with a hot iron. Since ancient times, people have used this technique to decorate their weapons and tools.

In 1967 I rediscovered this technique and began to experiment burning pictures on apple box planks. These days I use electric soldering irons on tanned cow leather. Through over 40 years of dedicated, daily practice I have developed my work to its present form. I do not use any type of colouring or dyes in my work, only darker or lighter shades. Though many have followed my example over the years, I am proud to say that I founded it in my country.

My themes:

My greatest love is African wildlife and landscapes, but I also draw inspiration from a wide spectrum of other topics, such as portraits, character studies, domestic animals, etc. I often make small personalised artworks at exhibitions to demonstrate my work and some of my larger works are up to three meters across. I have also tried my hand at wildlife from other continents with great success.

Theme - Portraits Theme - Landscapes Theme - African Wildlife Theme - Other

My beliefs:

As a true Christian, I believe that Jesus Christ is steering me through life - with all its joys and sorrows. I believe that an artist's work is a reflection of his deepest inner feelings from his heart and soul. I love the fact that I create works of art depicting God's wonderful creation. He inspires me to great heights, success and happiness in what I am doing.


Thank you for your interest. I hope you enjoy my art.

Hendrik Vrey

May 2010